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Houston Backflow Repair AppointmentAffordable Sprinklers, Inc. provides professional, affordable Houston sprinkler system and backflow repair services.

The Affordable Sprinklers, Inc. service and repair team has extensive experience in lawn sprinkler repair, including locating, identifying, and resolving a variety of irrigation system problems. The years of experience with sprinkler system repairs has given our specialists the knowledge they need to identify and resolve the cause of irrigation system problems in as little time as possible. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a top-quality sprinkler system repair job, and ensuring your satisfaction.

Affordable Sprinklers, Inc. has been doing Houston area sprinkler system repairs and maintenance for over 35 years. We are fully licensed and insured, and are a member of several prestigious irrigation associations dedicated to continuing sprinkler repair professionals’ education. These association memberships include the Texas Turf Irrigation Association, the Houston Gulf Coast Irrigation Association, and the Irrigation Association (national). Affordable Sprinklers, Inc. is also a Rain Bird Select Contractor and a Sprinkler Warehouse Preferred Contractor.

Our sprinkler repair technicians have experience with many different types of irrigation system maintenance and repairs, including diagnosing electrical problems, leak detection and repair, sprinkler timer/controller repair, and sprinkler system start-up checks. We also have extensive experience with backflow device repairs.

Affordable Sprinklers, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with professional, affordable irrigation repair services. Call us today to schedule sprinkler maintenance service, repairs, or system checks. To schedule call Affordable Sprinklers, Inc. at (713) 937-7347.

35 Years of Experience with Sprinkler System and Backflow Repair

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